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About The Focal Point of Poland Ohio

At The Focal Point in Poland Ohio. You will experience the highest standard in Personalized Training, Pilates Reformer Sessions, Customized Supplementation, Nutrition Consultation, Massage Therapy, and Anti-Aging products. Also, included is the Premier Ohio Diet Doc Permanent Weight Loss Program Coaches.

"Live Above the Crowd" with Jennifer and Christopher Morakis' Expert Coaching Solutions.

about the focal point ohio

Christopher Morakis

Christopher Morakis Massage Therapist since 1992. Licensed by the Ohio State Medical Board. The Massage Therapist for the LPGA and Professional Women's Cycle Team. Has worked in the "Rehab" industry since 1992 gaining knowledge and experience in countless modalities. Chris has attained National recognition as an expert and teacher of the Myofascial Release Massage. Chris' knowledge comes from many areas of study. From Chinese medicine to Tai Chi, Chi Gong to Western Philosophies of Personal Training and Sport Nutrition. Chris has successfully operated his own fitness training and weight management, health and nutrition company for over ten years. Chris has also been a featured motivational speaker at numerous community events.

Jennifer Morakis

Jennifer Morakis graduated from Youngstown State University with a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration and a Personal Training Certification through the World Institute of Training Schools. Jennifer actively competes through the World National Bodybuilding Federation. She is a drug-free figure competitor who has experienced success throughout the United States. Jennifer has been placed fifth in World Competition. Jennifer's personal drive is infectious to her varied client base the help them achieve their personal goals. Her goal is to see everyone live to their full capacity and optimal health.

Jennifer's expertise in the sport of bodybuilding has helped her grow her personal training business over the past five years. She trains clients of every age and has the ability to help them achieve all their fitness and nutrition goals.

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