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Personal Training at The Focal Point

Customized Personal Training programs are our specialty here at The Focal Point. The Personal training program integrates exercise, diet, nutrition and nutritional supplementation with the physical training regimen. Our program emphasizes the following:

  • Goal Setting
  • Sports Specific Exercise
  • Goal Achieving Accountability
  • Continuing Eucation
  • Flexibility
  • Pilates Reformer Training
  • Suspension Training
  • Cardivascular Fitness
  • Proper Technique
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Value of a Personal Trainer:

Training tailors each of your fitness training workouts in such a way that the exercise activities are used to help you achieve your specific goals. Everyone is unique and so is their body. We help balance your bodies muscles during each and every workout, while still focusing on your individual goals.

Personal Training Benefits:

  • Personal training helps achieve faster results
  • Time optimization for maximum results
  • Personal trainers are educated to help you achieve health fitness exercise goals quickly and safely
  • Body fat loss / weight loss
  • Body Shaping and Muscle Toning
  • Cardiovascular Fitness
  • Increasing energy, stamina and endurance
  • Increasing sports performance
  • Increasing muscle strength, muscle endurance and muscle flexibility
  • Improving coordination
  • Reducing stress and anxiety
  • Looking better and feeling better

"Let's get started today on the path
  to a healthier and stronger you"

Dawn's Experience...

"5 week weigh in this morning- Down 15 pounds!! THANKS TO JEN AND CHRIS @ FOCAL POINT! I drove by every day for almost a year thinking I should stop in. I've learned so much about food and how it processes in ur body. It doesn't only matter what u eat; when u eat it and in what combinations makes a huge difference. I'm not hungry and I get a splurge meal once a week! CALL THEM NOW IF U NEED HELP!!! Call me if u want to know more about them. See u at 4:30 for my training Jen!"

Melissa's Experience...

"I started personal training with Jennifer Morakis over two years ago. The training has not only had a very positive impact on my physical appearance, it has also had a tremendous impact on my overall health. At 48 years old, my formerly high cholesterol and blood pressure levels have dropped to an all time low without any medication. My fitness goals included gaining strength, flexibility and endurance and I've gained all 3. This year with Jen\'s help, I completed my first Sprint Triathlon. Jen is supportive of whatever your individual goals may be and is very flexible in helping you achieve them. She makes training fun and challenging and what I learn from working with her I can use in my home. She takes a sincere interest in your overall health and well being, including both diet and exercise and will develop a plan that is specific to you. Jen's personal commitment to you is match by her own desire to be the best she can be as a trainer, mentor and competitor."

Christine's Experience...

Jen and Chris Morakis... These two are a wonderful team and truly the best people who have come into my life in a long time! Their extreme knowledge, as well as a sincere passion to help others improve their health are only two of many attributes to describe them. I have drastically changed my body in the past 6 months and they are there every step of the way with encouragement and guidance as well as making the process enjoyable and fun! They instill a passion for exercise and diet in each person who walks through their doors. They make each of us look forward to coming to the gym and live a healthier lifestyle!

Terri's Experience...

Hey Coach! Every time I try to call you, I start crying so I decided to email you. I have been thinking about this since I left your place last week, and I believe for right now I need to continue the weight loss program on my own. I have been saving money towards getting my house sided, and the 45 minute drive each way to you is a small issue. So this is goodbye for now, but not forever!!!

I have learned so much from you in the last 2 months and I respect and admire you so much for what you know and do. More than that, I am so thankful to know you as a person. I hope you realize what an amazing and beautiful person you are on the inside and out. I truly think you are a badass.

Thank you for everything you taught me.