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Wellness Programs at The Focal Point

Welcome the The Focal Point of Poland, Ohio. Here you will find the absolute best in Personal Training, Pilates Reformer Sessions, Massage Therapy, Nutrition Consulting, Custom Supplementation and the premier Ohio Diet Doc Permanent Weight Loss Program Coaches.

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Jennifer and Chris Morakis offer the following Wellness Programs:

  • Your DNA tells a story. With the Gene SNP, DNA analysis, you gain insight into your genetics and how they impact your health. You may simply want to know what role your genes play in digestive health, how well your body copes with the stress of physical activity, how environmental factors affect your body and uncover how your genetics and lifestyle impact your health. See Pinnacle Health

  • This is an analytical tool that helps you customize your nutritional supplements based on the answers to a list of questions about your lifestyle and behaviors. These questions focus on your everday life, major health-related concerns and lifestyle factors including diet, exercise, medical history and current supplements. See Pinnacle Health

  • For those distant clients, we will customize a training program to meet your ongoing strength and fitness needs. We will have you complete and initial intake form which identifies your background and fitness goals. We will then customize a rep-by-rep, workout-by-workout training program for you. This is a consulting program, so feedback and communication with us is key. Contact us today to get started.

  • Everyone should have a starting point. During your fitness assessment, we will take girth measurements, weight and fat calibrations. We will analyze this and compare it to the national average for an individual your age and gender. We will also identify your goals and give you recommendations on how to reach them through exercise and nutrition.

  • Tired of not knowing what to eat? Are you looking for healthy, nutritious and quick recipes? This is your meal time. It's a fun, factual and social interactive, educational hour of sharing recipes and war stories. During the makeover, guests will be able to see how the recipe is prepped and prepared. You will also be able to sample each item and work hands on with the guest cook.

    Specific topics include the following:

  • Breakfast in a Hurry
  • Will my family eat it?
  • Dining out - Making good choices
  • Super sides
  • Entertaining options